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The big sunscreen mistake. A specialist in cosmetic dermatology says it's not applying sunscreen to your lower body as much as above the waist. The legs are one of the most common sites for women to develop skin damage and melanoma from the sun, she says.

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Breast cancer protection...from aspirin! Just one a day can reduce risk by 20%...but it's not the low-dose aspirin often taken for the heart.

Do NOT sit up straight when reading that great novel. Researchers say it actually strains the spine. Best position is a recliner at a 45-degree angle.

Air freshener warning: Many contain compounds that can actually disrupt the hormones in your body. Discover two brands found to be safe in your FREE gift!

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The best anti-cancer wine named. Red wine is known to be rich in flavonol compounds that fight off cancer-causing cells. But the vino from France isn't the best choice for this protection. Try the wine from the country named in 2-Minute Health Tips.

Your partner snores? Seriously consider earplugs. Researchers found that people exposed to noise even less intense than the average snoring are twice as likely to be treated for high blood pressure!

60-second stress-busters. Heart racing? Frustration mounting? Calm down fast with these mental techniques that help stop the harmful stress without drugs or even meditation. Ten different approaches, all in your FREE gift!

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