From the experts at Prevention... 18 people dropped a total of 135 lbs of fat dieting just 2 days a week! Luis lost 21 pounds of body fat!

The plan is so user-friendly, you can't mess up!" says Paula, who lost 3 inches off her waist and more off her hips in just 6 weeks. Even better: She reversed creeping diabetes and high cholesterol!

The 2-Day Diet's flexibility was a major help. Paula admits she went out every Thursday with friends for beer and French fries. "I just counted it as a day I didn't diet, and I never had trouble getting back on track." Read her full story on page 160 of The 2-Day Diet.

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Diane lost 13 pounds in just 6 weeks.Diane lost 13 pounds in just 6 weeks following The 2-Day Diet. As a health bonus, her triglyceride levels plummeted 68 points, down into the "optimal" range! Read Diane's full story on page 86 of The 2-Day Diet.

Michelle lost 6 inches off her waist in just 6 weeks.

Michelle lost 6 inches off her waist in just 6 weeks on The 2-Day Diet plan. After just a few weeks, she had to have a bridesmaid dress that was too snug taken in—it was now too big! Read Michelle's full story on page 228 of The 2-Day Diet.

100% SUCCESS with the “Slip-Proof” Diet! ALL 18 volunteers who tried The 2-Day Diet lost pounds and inches! Why this unusual success rate? Key reason: the extreme flexibility of the plan. You diet only 2 days a week, any 2 days, even consecutive days. If your "diet" day isn't working out as you hoped, forget it and try the next day—or the next.

Just as Paula said, "You can't mess up!" Diane reported: "Knowing that I really couldn't slip up—I could start again the next day—kept me in a positive frame of mind." The working mother of two young children lost 13 pounds in just 6 weeks.

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A typical person following the plan described in The 2-Day Diet should expect a safe and healthy weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week. Two of the women featured in this promotion are employees of Rodale Inc. Participation on the panel was voluntary, and no panelist was compensated for his/her participation.

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